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Our Teachers

Professora Vera Duarte, Head Teacher

I was born in Espinho, Portugal, in mainland Portugal. 



I have a Bachelor's Degree in Language and Modern Literature from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, and MA in Applied Linguistics from UMASS Boston.


Personal interests: 

I love music and dancing, especially Latin dancing. I am an avid reader and love being the mother to my daughter.


Classes/level teach:

I teach Portuguese intermediate/advanced levels at our school on Saturdays.


Why interested in teaching Portuguese:

I teach Portuguese to maintain the language and traditions of Portugal alive, educate younger generations about everything that Portugal has to offer, and instill in the new generations pride for "their" culture. I enjoy helping young people understand the power of being a border crosser, a bicultural, bilingual individual with strong cultural capital. I find it extremely rewarding to witness them develop their reading, writing, speaking skills, and ability to become proficient in that "new" language. 




Professora Michelle Dias

Classes/level teach:

I'm currently teaching 1st level Portuguese on Mondays and Saturdays.

Professora Susana Castro

European Portuguese Teacher for Adults

I was born and currently live in Espinho, a beautiful city by the sea, 17 km from Oporto.



I’ve been a teacher for 19 years. I’ve recently completed my advanced training course of the doctoral program, in Multimedia in Education. I love to be constantly informed and learn new things, mostly because of my background in education and for being part of a long line of teachers in the family.

In 2015 I moved to Dubai and since then I have experienced teaching in an international environment and discovered another passion - teaching my native language to adults from different nationalities and cultures. My experience with private classes and group classes in different International schools, gave me knowledge and confidence to adapt to any student requirements and use the best method and strategy to ensure their success. 

I have already taught Portuguese to more than 100 adults from 5 continents and 30 different nationalities. Whether I’m preparing my students for the CIPLE exam or getting them ready to move to Portugal, for retirement, or starting a new life project, I find the process very energizing. As a creative, attentive, and hardworking teacher, I strive to help my students learn Portuguese and make it part of their daily routines. I also give them tips to deal with daily life situations. Teaching online with all the new technologies has great benefits. To my surprise, students taking online classes are more focused, so that’s why I always say that completing the sessions is very important. 

I will be thrilled to teach you Portuguese and make it a very interesting and easy experience for you, so get in touch!


Professora Ilda Peralta





I was born and live in Espinho, a beautiful city by the sea, where streets have no names, but numbers! 



I have a Bachelor's Degree in Language and Modern Literature from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. I have also a MA in Special Educational Needs and Disability. I’ve been a teacher for 25 years. 


Personal interests: 

I love ballroom dancing: Cha Cha, Samba; Rumba; Paso Doble, Jive, Waltz Tango but beach is, for me, by far the best therapy! I can spend hours at the beach, just sitting on the sand listening to the waves. It makes me feel blissfully relaxed, happy and rejuvenated.


Classes/level teach:

I teach Portuguese elementary and pre-intermediate levels at our school on Tuesdays and this year the advanced level on Sundays.

Every month there is a special Saturday event, I prepare so that students get connected to the Portuguese culture and traditions.  


What teaching means to me: 

Teaching is about believing that my students can learn, is about encouraging them to do their best and express their potential, making them believe the most important is to be able to communicate. 

Being an online teacher is a great challenge and overwhelming experience!

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